No picture could do justice to the downpour that greeted all that rowed in the 3rd division at Totnes on Sunday; the rain that waterfalled, saturated, rivered and power-washed everyone de-rigging boats and loading trailers led to the kind of wet that even made up words could barely describe. It didn't, however dampen the spirit that showed itself that day, mind. It seemed to fuel a firmer resolve.

The way all the Teign Scullers who individually applied themselves both on and off the water was a model of club spirit.

Thank you to;

Mark E and Gordon - both of whom organised, rowed in singles and a double together with great heart.

Sally and Morag rowed the double in two divisions well; Sally embracing her new role as Ladies Captain with grace and humour.

Liz and Clover in their first races together in two divisions, remaining enthused and positive amongst a very strong field of rowers; their effort, company and attitudes most encouraging.

The mixed quad of Carole, Brian, Anne-Marie and Brian, coxed by Mark E with his normal and generous gusto rowed the course unscathed whilst expressing the enthusiasm and have a go ethics our club is so much the better for.

Very well done all.

I personally raced a single in the 1st Division - not as trained as to be truly competitive and subsequently very nearly burst my lungs in an attempt to be!

I then joined Paul Godwin Brown in a pair to (nearly) gracefully come half way down the field in Division 2; Great fun (and thank you Paul).

Totnes proved excellent hosts and amongst their tireless helpers, PeteA stood out as a stalwart organiser and keeper of order.. ( and winner of his catagory!)

So, a successful and personally rewarding day...

The team/club ethic lasted until way into dark when at Coombe Cellars, the trailer unloaded, the tressles and oars put away and in my third set of drenched clothes, we had a club hug....