If you are interested in finding out more about sliding seat/fine boat rowing and possibly joining Teign Scullers Rowing Club then a list of outings dates can be found on the latest rowing schedule.

We operate a booking system for members, but if you are interested in coming along to an outing then just contact us in advance, tell us when you'd like to come down to join us at Archbrook and we'll make sure that you get a row.

If, after you've been out in a boat, you decide that you'd like to join the club (potential members are welcome to come to three outings before they need to make a decision), details of membership costs and an application form can be found on the website.

Frequently asked questions

I've never rowed in a sliding seat boat before - does this matter?

Definitely not. Some of our members rowed before they joined the club, either many years ago at University or more recently at another rowing club. However, many of our members had never been in a fine boat before they came to one of our outings and had only ever seen fine boat rowing on the TV.

What if I'm not very fit or have a pre-existing medical condition?

Then come along and improve your general fitness level while enjoying the challenge of learning a new sport.

Rowing is an excellent all-round exercise, which improves both cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. At the highest level, rowing is both mentally and physically challenging, but Teign Scullers Rowing Club aims to make rowing accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or level of fitness.

Our existing members range from people who just enjoy the experience of being out on the river to individuals who compete in local regattas.

All members must sign a declaration to confirm that they do not suffer from any disability or medical condition, which may render them unfit for strenuous exercise. However, if you suffer from a medical condition or disability this will not necessarily mean you are unable to join the club, but it must be declared when you join. (This information is only disclosed to the club coaches.)

If you have any doubts about whether your fitness, a pre-existing medical condition or a disability will affect your ability to row then please seek advice from your doctor.

I'm not a very strong swimmer, does this matter?

All members must sign a declaration to confirm that they are able to swim a minimum of 50 metres when fully clothed.

You may be asked to undergo a swim test. This involves swimming 50 metres in light clothing, swimming a short distance under water and demonstrating competency treading water and swimming on your front and back.

What if I work shifts or have other commitments that may prevent me turning up on a regular basis?

This certainly isn't a problem. Outing times vary from week to week (they depend on the time of the high tide) and all we ask if for those people who intend to turn up let us know (using the Members' Area on this website) in advance so we know how many people are turning up and we can allocate them to boats prior to the outing. Everyone who completes the Members' Area booking form to let us know they will be attending gets an outing.

Do I need any special clothing or kit?

No - in general any normal sports clothes are fine for rowing. We suggest that you avoid wearing loose, baggy clothing as blades/sculls may catch them and they can sometimes get caught under the wheels as the seat moves up and down the slide.

Especially in winter, it is important to wear layers, but these should be light, not thick clothes. Gloves are not advisable, but hats are.

If you are rowing in the summer months, remember to apply sun screen before you go out on the river and to bring a hat.

As we walk into the water to launch the boats you will need to wear either wellington boots or shoes designed to be worn in water (e.g. crocs, surf shoes). Avoid flip flops as sometimes the sand near the edge of the water is very 'sticky' and it's easy to lose a shoe! Some form of footwear must be worn due to the risk of injury from glass and other sharp objects that are often in or near the water's edge.

No special footwear is required when you are in the boat as the boats have shoes 'built-in' to them. However, we do suggest that you bring a pair of socks with you to wear with the boat's shoes. If you have wet feet they have a tendency to get cold during winter months so the socks keep your feet warm and also protect the inside of the shoes. Most of the shoes in the boats are for people with fairly large feet, so if you have small feet you may want to bring an extra pair of thick socks to help your feet fill the shoes!

Is there a minimum/maximum age for members?

The minimum age for club membership is 18.

There is no upper age limit, but anyone (of any age) who has doubts about their level of fitness should seek advice from their doctor before starting any form of physical activity.

See also What if I'm not very fit or have a pre-existing medical condition?