[teign scullers logo]Teign Scullers is a small 'fine boat' rowing club established in 2004. From our beginnings using older wooden sliding seat boats we now benefit from the acquisition of a new Swift 4+, and Swift Double. The club aims to provide recreational sweep and scull rowing to all, regardless of ability, fitness or age.

The Teign Estuary provides an excellent and spacious body of water for rowing with seine and gig boats also being rowed very successfully in the area.

In the last couple of years the club has grown tremendously, with many newcomers discovering the pleasures of rowing. Generous grants, from Awards for All, has allowed us to acquire new equipment and support our continuing expansion.

In 2009 the club has started to develop a more structured training and coaching program. This includes race nights during the week, to supplement our weekend outings, and training sessions at a local gym, for those interested in taking their rowing further. We are also entering crews for local WEARA races in singles, quads and fours.

New members are always welcome, whether they have never tried rowing before or have some experience of sliding seat/fine boat rowing. If you'd like to come and join us, please check the latest rowing schedule for outing times, or contact Teign Scullers for more information.

A list of officers of Teign Scullers Rowing Club is also available on this website.