NOW here is a STORY!

The Boston Marathon is a test that elite rowers across the country aspire to and recount to their grandchildren; it is no mean feat just to complete….

So, this year half the 2011 Eddy (Admiral) crew from Teign Scullers not only enter (mad), train (madder), turn up (insane) complete (!) but show the rest of the country and history how to row. The fact that their warm up was to do a quick 8km row at Exmouth the day before just confirms that need for men in white coats.

Hear this: Anneke, Morag and two friends from the Midlands in a wooden, coxed quad with 6'3" cox:

Won their class

Broke the record for their class by a stunning 28 minutes

Beat all other women's coxed quad classes record as well!

A stunning achievement, well done indeed to Anneke and Morag.