On 7th May 3 teams of Teign Scullers took part in the annual Thatcher Rock coastal row.

The day started with a respectable swell and ended with some rougher confused stuff but the rain kept away....until the last 4 minutes.

A truly astounding row by Sandrine and Wendy in the Women's division saw them come in 2nd overall, holding off a concerted challenge by a four right to the line. Their time was around the same as all our fours and they deserve to be rightly proud of their pennant.

The Men's four was rather more vintage (sounds better than veteran) than the rest of the field. Mike, Mick, MarkE and Brian ably coxed by Sandrine rowed well (commented on by an Exmouth coach) and nearly caught a Torquay double with some very young fit guys on board.

Like the Men's four before them the Mixed found the increasingly difficult swell hard to cope with - we just don't have that experience (yet). We need to learn to surf, which Sandrine and Wendy managed very successfully with their Seine boat experience.

Claire, Morag, David and Ian coxed by Mark really did row well and for a long time were level pegging with an able Mayflower crew. They nearly overtook them at the Thatcher mark but the chop and sideways swell confused them. Both Claire in the bow and Mark in the stern got pretty wet and were grateful for a manual pump that they had bought in the chandlers that the morning.

Sadly MarkT was ill in the morning and had to scratch from a rather brave intention of rowing in the double and then in the mixed. He and Ian would have been strong condenders for that pennant.

Many thanks to David for all the organisation he put into the training beforehand and the transport of boats.

The Torquay RC organisation and safety boats were excellent and the event had the normal friendly atmosphere that Torquay provide. There will be some photos on their website http://www.torquayrowingclub.co.uk/index.php?pid=28.

The next event is another coastal race at Plymouth on 28th May.