The highlight of this year has been, for me, the real progress in the technical development of many members - racing or not. It is noticeable that poor conditions don't phase us as much as they used to and our regatta experience was of not always being last - by no means actually.

The secondment of Sallie Malt from British Rowing gave us a real kick start in the technical coaching that she gave both the coaches and individual members. Her course in July benefitted many of us. Unlike many other clubs we easily exceeded our target for new members of British Rowing.

On the racing side we had entries in the Head of the Dart (Nic and Patrick 4th), Thatcher Rock (Ladies 4 win, Men's double - win) (!), Exeter, Paignton (Nick and Patrick win), Dartmouth, Totnes mini Head, Head of Plym and Gloucester Head. The wins apart, everyone who did get to race in the regattas ended the day with a large grin - the atmosphere at the events and the sheer fun of rowing catches us all.

For many of the regattas we ended up, despite best intentions, with fairly scratch crews who performed well considering the lack of training together - the technical improvement across the club helps although we are still a little open mouthed at being left at the start by other clubs.

Teign Scullers also had a Men's and Ladies four entered the World Coastal Championships in Istanbul - extremely enterprising of the eight who went. They were up against Olympians giants so did well enough!

Endyminion has proved a real asset for the club proving a really useful training boat, rough weather boat (fun!) and superb for Thatcher Rock and World Championship training. Just last Saturday, at the Open Day for RTRC, it proved what a great half-way house it is as an introduction to the delights of sliding seat rowing.

Our boat acquisition was a little quiet due to lack of funds this year; we did buy Derrymore, a single from a house clearer, which is being given some TLC at the moment. However, the boathouse has seen some dramatic improvement in racking of boats, which are now more space efficient and secure - there are some further racks planned in the next few weeks. Thank you Patrick and David in particular.

Charity fund raising was impressive. Brian and Jenny organised a Sport Relief Marathon in Endyminion raising over 1,000! Brian also arranged a successful ergo challenge in aid of the RNLI.

We continue to run the tightrope act of training up crews to race in regattas both to win and for fun and also to give recreational rowers good boat time and technical advice - all with only a few boats.

As well as a racing programme planned for this summer we are hoping to have a social trip to Ireland and a coastal row to Babbacombe, which had to postponed recently due to the weather forecast.

We are hoping that Alan can wave another magic wand with the Lottery grant agency to help us establish a core of boats in good repair with less pressure on a small number of club boats.

Last but by no means least, our decision to merge with TCRC gives us a great opportunity to widen the club. It will be very rewarding to introduce more people to the wonderful feeling of speed, connection with the water, rhythm and that very special feeling of a crew working together.