A great turnout and nice weather meant everyone had a good time at this year's Totnes head.

We fielded several boats including a composite crew of Nic, Patrick and rowers from Torquay and Dart who did well in Division 1.

The Men's Coastal was Mike, David N, Ian and Brian with Mark E coxing. Having not been in the boat together before they held their technique well and had a steady speed throughout, but were overtaken by two impressive Mayflower crews who looked large and beefy and were under a minute slower than Exmouth.

The Women's Coastal in Division 2 had Jane, Wendy, Sandrine and Sue with Nic coxing on their return from Istanbul. They were disappointed not to perform as well as usual but still posted a respectable time.

In Division 3 our Women's Four was Claire (called up that morning to sub for Lesley), Denise, Barbara and Kim with Jacinta coxing. Nerves seem to have dented the performances they have managed in training. However, they are a new crew and are making good progress and will have learned good race experience.

Adam and MarkT were brave enough to enter the single sculls. Adam, recovering from an injury, was pleased to have had the race experience. Those of us on the bank were delighted to see, with 100 metres to go, Mark holding off World Champion Pete Atkinson from overtaking him when disaster struck and his scull came out of the gate; he amazingly stayed upright and was about to replace his scull when he realised a four was bearing down on him and the cox hadn't seen him so he rolled in and had a near escape.

Whatever the results we had a great day with lovely weather and all gained really useful race experience - the main lesson is that racing is fun and satisfying.