Well, Teign Scullers has really made it to the podium this time!

Last Saturday we entered two Ladies quads, one Men's and one Men's double into the 8k race around the rock in a stiff North Easterly which produced an "interesting" sea out to the rock and some surfing opportunities on the way back.

The crews were:

Ladies A: Jane, Sandrine, Lesley, Sue with Nic coxing

Ladies B: Sandy, Barbara, Kim, Jenny with Mark coxing

Men's 4x+ Ian M, Mark T, Mark E, Nic with Sue coxing

Men's 2 Patrick and Andy (also Teign RC)

The very major disappointment was that both Brian and David were scheduled to be part of a Men's B crew but because of illness in the A crew we were unable to make up a full four. They both had to suffer help us boat and watching us from the bank having psyched themselves up for the tough race. Our apologies and our hearts go out to them for their forbearance.

Jenny Pulling

The Ladies A crew gained an early lead against some good competition from Exmouth, Torquay and others. They kept the lead the whole way round and finished with a comfortable minute or more. This was an AMAZING performance for a crew that got together in the week and had never raced in a coastal before.

A WIN with a handsome trophy of Thatcher Rock!!

Ladies B were jumped by the starters as we had only just got out of the harbour but were not alone in this. We hit the rough water and coped very well with no crabs (that I remember anyway) and at times found a good rhythm. We spent most of the race close to a gig from Paignton which gave a good competitive edge and at the last mark turned with them only one length behind but sped well away from them from there on. A good row.

Thanks, as ever, go to Exmouth for lending us the boat so we could enter this crew.

The Men's four were left early by three very high class crews who have been very competitive in the winter heads. However, we maintained fourth spot throughout the race beating crews from the Navy, Torquay (with some good rowers that we know) and others (I think but too tired to notice!). Sue coxed a blinder - she hadn't done it before and her judgement of pace and spurts was superb. Next time we will learn how to surf which will be fun and faster.

Patrick and Andy (in Andy's coastal double) had a very close race against a classy and young (of course they are too!) double from Torquay. Both crews had real difficulty with the chopped up swell going up to the rock and they lost the lead before the rock. However, they overhauled Torquay on the long straight, catching some good waves and were able to sit on a lead of about four lengths for the rest of the race.

Another WIN!!

Jenny Pulling

I would like to say a big thank you to Nic for putting in a huge amount of effort during the whole week putting the crews together and taking all the fours and more out on several training sessions in the evenings of last week.

I show below a map of the course taken by the Ladies B crew and Men's Four (the one with the kink in is the former, sorry girls about a brief aberration!). I also attach a couple of photos (poor ones of the prize giving) and one of the Ladies B in action (I will try to post a moving file of Ladies B). I also attach a PDF of the race stats - Lap 1 is the Ladies B and Lap 4 is the Men's four.

The Course