Thanks to Mark Eastman's terrific efforts we were able to enter another head race at Exeter on the canal, down stream from Countess Wear.

Despite a rather chilly forecast bringing strong northwesterlies, the canal remained largely calm and sheltered, albeit cold. We were entered in both divisons, with a quad and a double in Division One, and a four and double in Division Two.

[The Men's Double in Division 1]
The Men's Double in Division 1

The Division One entry comprised Nic and Patrick in the double, and Jane, Denise, Barbara and Jenny, coxed by Mark, in the quad.

[The Women's Quad in Division 1]
The Women's Quad in Division 1

The course had a couple of tricky sections. After the starting straight, a very low and narrow bridge caught out the double. It was low enough to threaten heads. The final bend after the motorway bridge also caused some steering problems for the uncoxed boats, as it tightened up sharply before the finishing line. Nic and Patrick did extremely well in the double, working really hard, and making the boat fly. The came 3rd in their class.

Division 2 kicked off with a few hiccoughs for Teign Scullers, who were late to the start. Each boat had their own difficulty, with the double mysteriously sporting the wrong number, and the four with an incorrectly placed rigger.

[Mark and Adam in Division 2]
Mark and Adam in Division 2

Mark and Adam in the double settled into a steady rythmn. Their race proved eventful, as they gave way at the low bridge to fast four, and had to navigate round a capsized double that had previously overtaken them. Nearing the finish warnings from spectators averted a crash into moored barges with an emergency stop.

[A chilly cox in Division 2]
A chilly cox in Division 2

The four, comprising Brian, Mike, Nic and Sally with Barbara as cox, managed to get themselves together for the race, but concentration was lost due to the embarrassing rigging error.

[The Mixed 4+ in Division 2]
The Mixed 4+ in Division 2

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event, although some missed the Totnes cakes. Plenty of potential was shown, and the doubles are looking quite competitive.