A surprisingly pleasant and calm start to the day on Saturday gave the men's coxless quad an enjoyable first race at the Dart Totnes mini head. We all arrived just after 9am, but the boat didn't arrive until shortly before the start. This gave us a bit of a panic with the spanners to get on the water in time.

[The Men's Quad heading down to the start]
The Men's Quad heading down to the start

The quad had Mark Eastman at bow, Patrick Gaskins at stroke, with Nic Bourne at three and Adam Livett at two. All the other boats were lined up down the river when they finally made the start. The race works as a timed 3km upstream towards Totnes. The first section has a couple of large bends, giving a real steering challenge. The team pulled together to come 7th overall in a field fifty-five of mixed boats. A very satisfying result.

[The Men's Quad]
The Mens' Quad

The next group of boats to go, Division 2, contained two entries from Teign Scullers. The double was raced by Nic Bourne and Patrick Gaskins. The womens novice coxed quad was raced by Barbara Gregory at bow Denise Walker, Sally Livett and Jenny Eslick at stroke with Mark Eastman coxing. The double did particularly well, with a finish of 6th in a field of forty-two boats, and bronze medal position in their class amongst a field of eight boats. The training is clearly paying off.

The rain had really set in for the lucky participants in the Division 3 race. Two Teign Scullers crews set out. A womens novice quad and a mens vet four, both coxed. The mens vet four featured Mike Cullen at stroke, Ian Matthews, Brian Cort and a very tired Mark Eastman, with Sally Livett drawing the short straw to cox. The ladies were Sandrine Haytread, Kim Taylor, Jane Burt and Teresa Goodridge with Nic Bourne as cox. The women had a long wait at the start to get off, and both crews were just glad to see the finish line in the conditions. Neither crew had opponents in their class but managed 36th and 35th in a field of fifty-six overall. This was a good result in a fairly tightly grouped mid field.

The event was extremely well organised by Dart Totnes, and ample use was made of the warm bar, the great cakes were a particular highlight. Special thanks go to Mark Eastman for organising our entry, and Exmouth RC for lending us their quad.

Here are the results in the three divisions: