A fine day in Dartmouth saw a group from Teign Sullers entering their second Regatta of the summer. After the successes at Paignton, Dartmouth came as a reminder that there is plenty of scope for improvement.


In our first race the Mens novice four were up against substantially younger opposition. Unfortunately they were unable to recapture the rhythm achieved on Race night so weren't able to find full speed.

[Mark on the water]
Mark on the water

Mark Eastman's single race provided quite a spectacle. He and another competitor benefitted from an unsought 18 second start on the 2 other, younger, competitors. Despite this psychological knock Mark settled into a steady rhythm, concentrating hard on technique at the expense of direction. Finally noticing the gesticulating umpire Mark found himself reversing from a blind cul de sac formed by a buoy and line of moorings. Finally back on line Mark still had more to contend with as he was almost swamped by two safety boats' wash following the rest of the field! We clearly need some practice obstacles on the Teign!>

[Mark at the start]
Mark at the start

The Womens four started with some missed strokes which left them pointing across the course; once corrected they suffered a major shipwreck (crab) and almost stopped. After this the impartial observer in the coxes seat noticed a certain stiffening of the atmosphere. The four women semed to thrive on adversity and as a result thenceforth rowed like Gods. Despite having to cope with following the wash of the safety boats they managed an impressive pace to catch up some of the lost ground.

[The Women's Novice Four]
The Women's Novice Four

Kim and Jacinta had a race in difficult water suffering wash from boats ahead. One of the other crews had Becca Eastman in Exeter colours (she had a good race in the singles nearly overhauling the 2nd placed).

Next to go was a completely scratch mixed four in Senior C class. By then the wind was fierce. Practice beforehand was ominous with awful balance. Not good in the choppy conditions. Although the crew were unable to make an impression on the field they showed plenty of promise. Real power was exerted (Brian and Nic's second race) maintaining good rhythm. So chuffed were the crew that they insisted on going back past the start to do another burn or two!

[Patrick and Jason's Double]
Patrick and Jason's Double

Patrick and Jason in the double had expected an easy heat with 3 competitors chasing 3 places in the final, but a late addition meant a race was on. Finishing first in their heat the commentator placed them third. This had to be put out of mind as the final followed immediately.

In the final they faced a very competitive field of around 6 other boats. After a good start they faded a bit by halfway. With about 300m to go you could see them starting to push from 4th. A very exciting chase ensued and the finish umpire spent a long time judging that they had not quite made 2nd. We were rightly all very proud of them.

Patrick then had to scratch from the single sculls as his hands had not yet recovered from his heroic achievement during the Eddystone Challenge to face a second race.

Overall we all had a very good day and we will benefit a lot from the experience not to mention the fun. The beer at the Royal Castle tasted awfully good after a long day.

[Nic relaxing]
Nic relaxing