Teign Scullers Rowing Club acquitted themselves very well at the recent Totnes Mini Head on 22 November 2008. Competing over the 3 km course, they entered two crews. In the 2nd division a Veteran Men's Quad (four rowers with two blades each, it looks a bit like a spider - a very fast spider). This was a somewhat loose interpretation of the class with a crew stroked by Nic Bourne, then with Jason Hinrich, Rebecca Eastman and her Dad Mark Eastman. Sculling in a boat generously lent by Exmouth RC, they had to contend with no control of the rudder as it was supposed to have a cox on board. Nonetheless, they were delighted to be only 14 seconds behind a crew from the Royal Navy.

In the 3rd division, this time Nic Bourne steered from the bow and Rebecca Eastman was at stroke both competed again, with Rachel Cook and Teresa Goodridge completing the four. Their time of 14 minutes 32 secs was faster than the only other "Women's" quad from Totnes but a trophy was not awarded - something to do with Nic in a Women's crew! It must be added that the organisers encourage as many crews to compete as possible whether or not they strictly stick to the criteria.

The Club Captain, Mark Eastman, said "We were particularly pleased with compliments from other clubs who were surprised that our technique looked the best of the crews. With this sound base we will be winning races soon."

Teign Scullers was only founded in 2004 but 2008 has seen a rapid growth of members, brand new racing boats and the arrival of Nic Bourne as Head Coach who brings a wealth of experience from sculling in London and also rowing in gigs and seine boats with River Teign Rowing Club. The club has two clear objectives of being able to enter competitive crews into races and to offer recreational rowing to those who just want to enjoy our superb estuary. More details about the club can be found on this website.

[Veteran Quad]
The Veteran Quad Crew

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Women's Quad Crew